iHOLO in Shanghai !!! 
Shanghai is the Metropolis of Superlatives par excellence.

Now... the Shanghai EXPO 2010 is over, not so the potential of innovation.

Using the world most advanced High-Technologies for Exhibition Show's and Multi Media, paired with unique skills in 360 degree super-screen projections;
our international team of experts from Shanghai/China, USA and Germany is developing a
" 360 Degree Interactive Holographic Advertising Concept'!

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5 Years SHANGHAI Timelapse 
Please have a look at my Shanghai Timelapse ShowReel, produced & collected within the last 5 years.

Technical Info:
Timelapse Photography is a technique to cover a huge amount of time with high resolution DSLR cameras; shooting every 5 or 10 or 20 seconds ONE picture who will be combined to an movie playing 24 or 25 fps (frames per second). The TLP Cam Operator need to control the changing light situations manually....over hours or even days of "capturing time".

Personal note:
Advanced professional TLP photography is hard to realize if you need good looking 4k footage. What matters is the changing amount of light over the hours of shooting. changing the f stops manually over the time is just the half wisdom. Changing the iris of a lens means adjusting the focus again. That's impossible in sequence shooting less then 8 seconds per interval, because changing the diameter of the IRIS needs an new FOCUS. automatically the camera will move the direction as well (1mm tripod move means 10 hours wasted time...hehe).

I am adjusting REMOTE the exposure time.... making sure the lens is stopped down BEFORE... to the "HotSpot of best Optical Performance".

Here are just a few TLP's combined, If you are interested in professional TLP production
or if you want to use some specific parts seen in the reel in your TVC or Movie, just drop me a message for price.
Some of the TLP are still available in cinematic 4k size, but never less than HD formats.

Perfect fit for events and super-show's, cinema film intro's and advertising (when time play's a role)...

We Do It All, and we do it well :)

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Projects & Awards 2009 - 2010 
september to november 2010

Conception, Technical Consulting, 3D Camera SetUp's & Animations, MotionGraphic Animation, editing & post for two different architecture projects.

september 2010:

cinematography / digital intermediate shooting:

2010 Shanghai backplate shooting for Desalmados Producciones S.L. Madrid,Spain feature film "Por Michael Jackson entre otros"

august 2010:
editing /post production

Johnnie Walker Blue Label (Golf with Golf Legend Greg Norman)

june, july, august 2010:

ShangDown: The Way Of The Spur
cinematography / digital intermediate shooting / producing/ hosting :


Trailer No.1:

Using no wires and digital effects, the action scenes - choreographed by lead actor Christian Bachini - will impress martial arts fans like no other film in a long time with a seamless blend of traditional kung fu, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Capoeira, modern MMA and Muay Thai. The extremely experienced action crew, including the Ruan Stunt Team (John Woo’s Red Cliff), make visually distinctive fight and action scenes, both rural and urban. “The action scenes will be hard to forget,” said Director of Photography
Steffen Reimann. (alias XTEVE)

THE LONELINESS OF AUTISM ... mar / apr 2010
... a short documentary with an serious topic (Leo Burnett Shanghai)

winner in Cannes 57 International Advertising Festival 2010

SUPOR NON STICK PANS ... apr 2010 ... voted 8-Ball* of Leo Burnett GPC
... AD event documentary (Leo Burnett Shanghai)

winner in Cannes 57 International Advertising Festival 2010

ONE DAY IN BILLY'S LIFE ... summer 2009
Documentary ... Case Study / Dewars for Leo Burnett Shanghai

McCafe ... spring 2009
Documentary ... Case Study / McCafe

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A film by Jakob Montrasio,
featuring "The Italian Martial Arts Superstar - Christian Bachini"


to be continue ...

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Armani Code - China PR 2011 

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