Freelance Camera Operator + Sony CineAlta XDCAM EX HD PMW-EX1 
All kind of moving pictures - fit for your needs:

AD pitch,
Industry / Image Films, Product Presentations, Interviews,
TV Commercial (low/mid budget),
Documentary Film,
Sport Events, Fashion Events,
MTV - Music Video Production,
2D/3D Moving Picture Animatic's, VFX, composing,
Sound track, Composing, Audio Sound Effects

Sony CineAlta PMW-EX1 (media & batteries 6 hours continous), 75mm ball pro tension fluid damped -tripod system, tripod-dolly (hard wheels), boom microphone, professional Light Set / multi surface reflector.

Digital 4K - "Time Lapse" & "Stop Motion" Motion Pictures.

By interest, TEXT me : +86 136 71 95 94 61
or contact me via
email: xride at gmx dot net

"Feng Yun" Culture Communication (Shanghai) Co., Ltd.


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Free Classifieds for Creative People, Models, Design Freelancer, Makeup Artists and Producer 
Guys & Gals...
dear visitors and "passing by people",

I have this small simple blog online since October 2009, hosted on my personal computer ; maintained by myself (originally it was set in 2007 to run on my iPhone for daily notices only). With a simple but smart online marketing (it was initially just a test) I got some results:

In clear letters... my little blog is running since just 10 months now..!

The real number Facts, or what happen within the last 10 months...:

17642 People came here to watch and got informations about me and my work...
83 requests I've got for movie's or web/multimedia projects till now

11 PROJECTS out of the requests I've got; I could realize already !!!

40% page impressions of all visitors was chinese
60% are overseas visitors

To cut it down, the daily average visitor performance is now by 63 visitors a day.
But these visitors found my blog somehow in baidu or google or another search engine. ALL of the visitors of my blog are RELEVANT to the topics and scopes here.

To reach an higher quantity level, I still need to EXPAND CONTENT!!!


If you think you have an portfolio as "Creative People, Model, Design Freelancer, Makeup Artist or Producer" ...


Of course you should test my ability as online marketer : just google or baidu... or baigoogledu for XTEVE

You can contact me via:
email: xride at gmx dot net
phone: +8613671959461
skype: linons

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