Recommendations ( primary on LinkedIn ) 

“Steve is an awesome multimedia guy who has really deep, excellent expertise on multimedia content creating + design, especially on making video, film, online design, photography. Steve has helped me and the company a lot, and he is always passionate to surprise/influence people with the latest and coolest things he has worked out.” July 19, 2010

Evan Zhang, Planning Manager, Leo Burnett
worked directly with Steve at Leo Burnett

“Steve Reimann,
is a most dedicated photographer I know, and a very good friend too! his unique and sharp vision for image catching and variety creation are breathtaking.......

hans” July 6, 2010
Hans Xu, executive director, medientech shanghai
was with another company when working with Steve at Leo Burnett

“We had the opportunity to work together at Raffles Design Institute in Shanghai, China for more than a year. During that time, I could witness the quality of his work and the sense of organization and compromise with the institution. He is a very serious professional who always got his assigned jobs done in time. Steve is an outstanding professional which i could recommend as an excellent asset for any trustworthy company.” July 5, 2010

Billy Bacon, Visual Communication Lecturer, Raffles Design Institute_Shanghai
worked directly with Steve at Leo Burnett

“Steve Reinmann...mmm...yeah, I have worked with Steve when I was in Redlounge and LeoBurnett. Back then, Steve was known as the multimedia guy because you cannot really sum up what Steve is in just a title: His knowledge and skills are prolific, ranging from web to audio engineering and passing by editing and camera operator... to say just a few.
And because he was a teacher before, Steve likes to share. To share what he knows, and does he know a lot! Ask him. Ask him anything, he can do it. And don't forget, he's german: detail detail detail.
That's what you would get if you decide to work with him: a meticulous, to the sharpest detail in details please, a hardworking, persistent, literate to the detail... multimedia guy, who knows what to do and how to do, with the can do attitude and an irresistible smile.
God is in the details and details are in Steve. ....Conclusion? Miracles happen.”
July 4, 2010

Lelievre Antonin, Associate Creative Director, Redlounge LeoBurnett
worked with Steve at Leo Burnett

“Steve is probably the most imaginative audio-visual artist I've ever met. He's not just fluent in every technical language relevant to the business, but also a constant innovator and creator. During the time I had the privilege to work with Steve I had the opportunity to see great work produced and countless ideas come to life, not to mention all the things I learned from him. If you are looking for an idea boundary breaker I have to say Steve Reimann is your man.” July 4, 2010

Julián Hernández, Executive Creative Director, Leo Burnett Shanghai
managed Steve indirectly at Leo Burnett

“Steve Reimann is one the most tecnically apt people I've ever met, which in turn easily makes him the smartest multimedia expert I have come across in Shanghai, or in all of China, for that matter. In a profession - multimedia - that is so wide-ranging, as all-inclusive now as the words "science" or "medicine," he is able to answer nearly any question about any category, any software, any new developments in technology or any piece of equipment with all the ease and offhand grace of the wisest of gurus.” July 4, 2010

Tom Lear, Instructor, Raffles-LaSalle Design Institute
worked directly with Steve at Leo Burnett

“Working with Steve on my feature film SHANGDOWN has been a great experience. Steve's knowledge was embraced on set and his vision always spot on. I highly recommend him as a DP!” July 4, 2010

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, Creative

Jakob Montrasio,
hired Steve as a Director of Photography in 2010

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