Motion Graphic & Color Grading are now available at no extended cost anymore...  
I still do use Nothing Real Shake for some tricky comping; but Fusion,Nuke/Natron and Davinci Resolve are THE accelerated realtime tools in my post pipeline to do even the most complicated tasks in no time.
And: this powerful software packages comes at NO additional cost for my clients. If I think back into 2003, I used extensively the eyeon fusion tool set for shot based Motion Graphics and comping video and computer pix together... Back in the days fusion was stuffed with Speedsix Monsters and Genarts Sapphire plugins; beside the Furnace tool set available also for shake. But all that was all never really real-time. Today it is! And I am happy to use Fusion now hardware accelerated on my macbook pro on set... while keeping clients happy; doing realtime green screen keying and some super fast colour correction! I can see how simply knowledge and expertise become fast and reliable value! And one thing to mention: there never was and still not is any better'n faster tool in this world than fusion to animate any written text within 120 seconds and it look like future!

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Shooting for NatGeo Megastructures 
Shooting with EX1 and Atomos Samurai in Songjiang, Shanghai.

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